Will Project Ignite design be available in Tinkercad?

Project Ignite Teacher Transition Guide

Designs in Project Ignite

In Project Ignite student designs were stored directly in the lesson. Students would navigate to the project page and launch a lesson to see their design.


We know students and teachers have invested time and energy into this journey and we want to help them transition into Tinkercad. Most important are the designs and models that have been created.

These designs have always lived in Tinkercad and simply loaded when a lesson began, so the great news is student designs are already waiting for them in Tinkercad.

Below you can see the content a student or teacher may see while taking a lesson in Project Ignite.


Project Ignite Accounts work in Tinkercad

Now, let’s talk about how to find the design shown in the images above in Tinkercad. That starts with logging into Tinkercad.

Have students navigate to and log in with their Project Ignite account. Yep, that's right! The exact same username and password students use for Project Ignite will work with Tinkercad too!

You also get to keep your student moderation too! If you moderate a student in Project Ignite you will continue to moderate them in Tinkercad.


Once a student successfully logs into Tinkercad with their Project Ignite username and password, they will appear on the Moderated Kids page found in the profile menu (shown above) near the upper right of the screen.

Important: Students will only show if they have successfully logged into Tinkercad and if they are under 13 moderated accounts.

Project Ignite Designs in Tinkercad

When students first log into Tinkercad they will be placed on the main gallery page. This page can be accessed at any time by clicking the Tinkercad logo in the corner of the screen. 

When students begin creating their own designs in Tinkercad, this is where they will be found.


The Lessons gallery is found on the left side of the screen and is where all designs from Project Ignite will appear for students and teachers.

When a student enters the Lessons gallery, they will see the designs they have created as part of lessons in Project Ignite. Designs are labeled "Ignite #" followed by a number, for example "Ignite #335".


Editing Project Ignite Designs in Tinkercad

If a student hovers over a design in the gallery they have the option to “Tinker this” or “Copy to Beta”.


“Tinker this” will open the design in the Tinkercad v1 editor that was used in Project Ignite.

“Copy to Beta” will make a copy of the design, place it in the student’s main gallery, and load the design in the new Tinkercad v2 editor.

Important: When the Tinkercad Beta is complete, the “Tinker this” button will simply open the design in the new editor and the “Copy to Beta” button will be removed.



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