Teachers! How to add the parent as an additional moderator


You may know we have a fast and easy way for you to unlock a child's restricted account while adding them as a Tinkercad account you moderate. You can do this with the Teacher's Approval Code. In case you are not aware of how the Teacher Approval Code works for quickly onboarding students, please read this article.

When the child signs up, they will be prompted to enter their parent's email address (as shown below).


It may be that the child may not know their parent's email, or the teacher simply instructs the child to enter their teacher's email.

In the case that the child enters their parent's email: The parent will receive an email with instructions on how to add themselves as a second moderator. The email states that the account will be deleted after a 14 day period. However, if the teacher has already used a Teacher Approval Code, the account will not be deleted since the teacher has already filled the required moderator role.

In the case that the child enters their teacher's email in place of a parent email address: The teacher will receive the email intended for the parent. The email states that the account will be deleted after a 14 day period. If you filled the required moderator role using the Teacher Approval Code, this deletion will not apply and the message can be ignored. Teachers may forward this email intended for the parent to the actual parent's email to get them added as a second moderator for the child account. The parent will simply need to follow the instructions outlined in the email. For more information on what steps a parent can take after receiving the email, see this article.


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