How do I create a group for organizing moderated students?

Many teachers are managing a large number of students in each class. Groups provide a way for teachers to better organize students into appropriate structures. You can think of a group as a folder of student accounts or a quick filter to see only students in a specific group. 

  • Groups help teachers organize students.
  • Students will not know they are in groups, only the teacher.
  • Students can be added to multiple groups.
  • Deleting a group will not remove a student account or terminate moderation.

Creating a new Group

  1. Navigate to the “Moderate Kids” page found under the Profile menu.
    Note: You will only see this page in the menu if you are currently moderating students.
  2. Click “Create a new Group”.


  3. Enter a group name and optional description.


  4. Click “Save changes” to create the group.




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