As a teacher, how do I invite students to use Tinkercad?

Invitation codes can be entered by students of all ages, but is only required for those under 13.

The purpose of an invitation code is to connect a student to their teacher as a moderator.

  • Those over 13 can enter the invitation code on their profile page.
  • Students under 13, who don't already have a moderator will be required to enter their invitation code before they are able to create new designs.
  • Students under 13, who are already moderated by a teacher or parent, can enter additional invitation codes on their profile page.


  1. Navigate to the Teach page at
  2. Set your role as Teacher and generate an invitation code.
    (Role selection is done once. If you had previously selected a role you will not see this option)
  3. Copy or write down the invitation code.
  4. Give this code to your students.
    • Any student who creates an account and uses your code in the following 7 days will be linked to you as their teacher moderator.
    • If you no longer want students to be able to use a code, simply generate a new code on the teach page. This action will inactivate your previously generated code.
    • While the code is only valid for 7 days, once a student is linked to a teacher moderator, their account will remain active beyond the 7-day window.
    • Note: Students who used a code to approve their account will still have an active account after the code expires; only the code expires, not an active account.



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