How do students under 13 years old enter their teacher invitation code?

Every student should have their own account and every student under 13 years of age requires an adult moderator. Once a student is given an invitation code they can begin creating a new account.

Student (under 13 years old) Account Creation Process:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the Sign Up button in the upper right of the screen.
  3. Enter the correct student birthday.
  4. Enter a username of your choice.
  5. Enter a password of your choice. (must follow Tinkercad password rules)
  6. Enter parent email address
    1. This will send an email to the parent letting them know their child has signed up.
    2. The email includes instructions detailing how the parent can become a moderator for their child.
    3. The parent email address is only used for parent notification, no account is automatically generated for the parent. Each parent will be required to create their own account.
  7. Click the Create Account button.
  8. Navigate to the Tinkercad dashboard by clicking the Tinkercad logo in the upper left of the screen.


  9. Enter the invitation code provided by the teacher.
    1. Any student (under 13 years old) creating a new account will be required to enter their invitation code before they can create new designs of their own.
    2. If a student account is already moderated by another parent or teacher, the studnet will not see the "Get Approved Now!" message. Instead, they can enter additional codes from new teachers on their profile page. 


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