My child wants to use Tinkercad. How do parents approve child accounts?

Tinkercad accounts are open to Tinkerers of all ages!  When younger Tinkerers create their own account, we ask for their parent or guardian's email address so the adult can approve and moderate the child's account in compliance with the law. 

If you're the parent, look for the approval email! Remember to check your spam folder. Here's how to approve your child:

  1. Click the approval link in the approval email.
  2. Parent logs in with their own Tinkercad account (not the child's!) and if they don't already have one, creates their own Tinkercad account with the parent's birthdate and email.
  3. Parent gives approval and prove adulthood by signing, and returning a PDF permission form to (allow 1-3 business days to process).
  4. Child's account is approved, and linked to their parent/guardian's moderator account 
  5. Both parent and child can start Tinkering! 
  6. Parents can moderate kids: click the avatar at the top-right corner, and select profile. Then find the "Kids" tab to see and moderate their activity.

Can't find the email? Often emails can be mistyped, so you might not get the email. In the case that the parent does not receive an email to approve their child's account, please re-type your email on your child's Tinkercad dashboard and resend it. 

Teachers can use Tinkercad Classrooms to give access to students and manage their accounts. See here. 

For more information, see our Children's Privacy Policy

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