How can I check if my browser supports running Tinkercad?

1. Go to to confirm that WebGL is actually enabled.  You should see a spinning cube if your browser supports it.


2. Check your browser's settings.

a. Google Chrome

Please try the following steps?:
1. Copy/Paste this URL in your browser: Chrome://flags
2. Enable the first entry: "Override software rendering list", as seen below
3. Click "Relaunch Now" at the bottom of the page to relaunch Chrome with this setting.

You might also try to go to chrome://settings: Then, choose the option: "Use hardware acceleration when available"

b. Firefox

  • Copy/Paste this URL in your browser: About:config
  • Select “I’ll be careful, I promise!”
  • Search for WebGL
  • Set Webgl.force-enabled to true
  • Relaunch browser


c. Safari

  • Enable the “Develop menu” by going to Safari -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Select “Show Develop menu” in menu bar
  • Select Enable WebGL under “Develop menu”
  • Relaunch browser

If you still have trouble, please contact us by Submitting a ticket at the link above.  Be sure to include your browser and OS details.

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