I'm logged out automatically or get a 403 or 410 Error!

I'm logged out automatically and get "Error 410 – the resource is gone" or "Error 403 – Access forbidden" when creating a new design, or editing my profile in Tinkercad after sign in. What do I do?

It may be a conflict with your User ID between Tinkercad and Autodesk 123D.  These 2 databases communicate to access your Tinkercad designs and account info.  Sometimes, there can be a hiccup in the saving and UserID's can pick up extra characters.  We're working on a fix, but meanwhile:

1.  Go to and sign in using your Tinkercad credentials.

2. Click your profile image at the top right and select My Profile.  Click the "Edit Profile" tab to change your name and Autodesk 123D name. Click Update Changes.

3. Go back to and sign in to your account.  You may get another 500 Error for the 1st sign in after changing names in, if so just refresh and try again.

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