I'm a teacher, how do I get my students signed up and approved?

Teachers: you can now create a code to invite and immediately approve your students under the age of 13. You will then moderate your students' accounts, and can manage their designs, comments, and passwords.

Watch a video with more info.


1. In your Tinkercad account, click Teach at the top menu, and select your classroom role, Teacher. 

2. Create an approval code, good for a week, which you can write on the board or email your students. 

3. Ask your students to create Tinkercad accounts.

NOTE: While a teacher's approval code will expire after a week, the students who used that teacher code to unlock their accounts will remain active and tied to that moderator.

Students age 13 and over:

  • enter country, birthdate, email address, and password to create an account
  • start Tinkering immediately! No moderator required.

NOTE: Students age 13 and over do not require moderation, though a Teacher can still be their moderator by providing those students with a teacher's code that they can enter in their profile.

Students age 12 and under:

  • enter country, birthdate, username, password, and parent OR TEACHER email address to create an account.
    • if they enter a parent's email, the parent will receive an approval email, and can follow instructions to be added as an additional moderator. Note that if the child uses a Teacher approval code they'll be fully approved under teacher moderation immediately upon code entry, and the parent's actions are extra.
    • If they enter your email (the teacher's), disregard the approval email you receive, as the Teacher code approval process works outside of the standard parent approval. They'll be fully approved under teacher moderation immediately upon code entry.
  • exit Lesson to reach the Tinkercad profile page
  • enter Teacher approval code in the box
  • start Tinkering immediately after code entry!

4. Moderate your students age 12 and under: click on your user icon in the top-right corner of the page, and select the "Moderate Kids" option from the drop-down menu. You can manage their designs and account settings, and reset lost passwords.

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