What is an Invitation code?

See how Tinkercad Invitation Codes work on the Tinkercad Blog!

The invitation code is a way to link students with their teacher moderator.

Students who are underage (>13) will always need an adult moderator, a parent, teacher, or guardian. When an under age student signs up they will always be asked for a parent email address and we will initiate the process to link the parent to the student. 

Teachers have the ability to generate a custom invitation code that will allow students to begin designing in class while the parents continues the process to get linked with their child. After an underage student signs up (and enters their parent email) their account is placed in a holding pattern until approved by a parent or teacher.

At this point, a student can either wait for their parents or enter the code from their teacher. Once a student enters an invitation code from a teacher, that teacher is immediately made their teacher moderator and they can start working right away.

Students can continue to get verified with their parent, but they are not blocked from working in the product because their teacher is moderating.

Teachers can generate their invitation code at


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