How do I stop moderating a student?

You may Delete your connection to any students in your Tinkercad Class. This will remove that student(s) from your Class and follow the deletion logic described on this page: Deleting Students from your Tinkercad Class 

My students are Class seats I created in my Tinkercad Class 

Class seats created by the teacher within a Tinkercad Class can only exist within that Class. Class seats cannot be added or removed from a Class. Therefore, deleting Class seats will permanently delete the seat and data associated with it. 

My students are under 13 

Remove a student who is an account, age under 13 by clicking “Delete Student” for that student's options in your Class. Any student under age 13 is required by law to have a valid adult moderator.  So, if the student does not have another moderator (parent or teacher), then their account and data will be deleted. 


My students are 13 or older 

Remove a student who is an account, age 13 or older by clicking “Stop Moderating” in the students options within the Class. Students age 13 and older may use Tinkercad without a moderator’s supervision.




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