Tinkercad Classrooms

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about using Tinkercad Classrooms.

What are Tinkercad Classrooms?

Tinkercad Classrooms allows teachers to quickly get students working in Tinkercad without the need to create accounts for students.

Note: If students already have Tinkercad accounts or log in via Google sign on, their accounts will not be able to be added to the Classrooms you create. You may continue to use the account moderation at

How does a teacher create a Tinkercad Class?

A teacher must self-identify as a teacher to be able to create a Tinkercad Class. They may do this on sign up, or in your profile when logged in at


Once your account is identified as a teacher, you will see a top navigation menu item called “Classes”, which you may click to navigate to your Classes page where you can create or find previously created Tinkercad Classes.


Create a Tinkercad Class:


  1. Click “Create new class”.                               createClass.png
  2. Add a Class name, Age/Grade level, and Subject, then click “Create Class”.newClass.png


Add students to your Tinkercad Class:

  1. Click “Add Students”.
  2. Add the student’s first and last name. You will see the student’s Nickname update as you enter the name. The Nickname is how the student will access their unique “Seat” in the Class. You may adjust the Nickname from the automatically created Nickname.addStudents.png
  3. Click “Save Changes” to add the student to the Class.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all students. There is a limit of 250 students per Class.
  5. Click "Back to class" to return to the Class roster. studentRoster.png

Note: All students must have their own unique Nickname in a Class. Students will create and access any saved design when signing in with their Class Code and unique Nickname.

Display the Class Code:

  1. To display the Class Code, which Students will use to enter the Class, click “Class Code”. The Class link is also displayed.class_link_code.jpg

How does a student join or re-enter a Tinkercad Class?

The fastest way for a student to join a class is to click the Class link, which the teacher can provide them. Then, they just need to enter their Nickname for access. With the Class link, there is no need for the student to memorize or write down the Class code.

You can copy the link to provide to the students from the Class code screen for the Class you set up. See below:


To join a Class with a Class link:

  1. Students can click the Class link given to them by the teacher who set the Class up.
  2. Students then enter their unique Nickname that the teacher has set up for them.

To join a Class with a Class code:

  1. Students click “Join Class” at
  2. Students enter the Class code that the teacher has given. (Teacher: See section above to display the Class code in large format on your screen). Or write it on the chalkboard.joinclass.png
  3. Students each enter the unique nickname that teacher has created for them.nickname.png

Students are already in! They can click “Create New Design” to start designing. They can repeat steps 1-3 to return to their Seat in the Class, to see the designs they have worked on.

How can a teacher review their student’s designs?

The teacher can see who has joined the Classroom when the student’s name is clickable in the Class roster page. For example, below shows "John Doe” has previously joined the Class.


Click the student’s name to see their designs they have created.


Do students need an account to use Tinkercad?

Each student will need a Class Code generated by the Tinkercad Classroom system and a Nickname selected by you to enter into Tinkercad to confirm that they have approval from a teacher. You can make the Nicknames generic. For example you could use Student1, Student2, etc.

As a teacher, can I edit the Class Code or student Nicknames?

Yes. Teachers may regenerate their Class Codes and/or edit the Student Nicknames. You may choose to regenerate a Class Code on the “Student Login” page. Note that regenerating a Class Code invalidates the previous Class Code. Class Codes do not expire.

Teachers may also edit the student roster information. For example, editing a Student’s Nickname will update how a student must enter it when joining a Class.

In any case, the student’s data will remain, but they will need to be told about any updates to a Class Code and/or Nickname to be able to join again.

As a teacher, can I view and edit my student’s designs?

Yes. All Class and student data belonging to your Teacher account is viewable and editable when logged into your teacher account.

You may also see a Class Gallery of all designs in your Class listed by most recently updated. Click on the "Designs" tab within the Class view.


Can a student browse the Gallery or make their designs public?

A student in a Tinkercad Class has limited privileges when it comes to interacting with the public Gallery. A student cannot make their design public, though their teacher can make it public for them if they need to make it accessible for others via the design’s properties. Also, a student cannot view or make a comment on a public design or search the Gallery for public designs. The Gallery is limited to the staff curated “Staff Favorites” for student accounts.

I use Google Classrooms, can I use Tinkercad Classrooms with my Google login?

Teachers and students using Google sign on for Tinkercad should continue to use their current workflow with their Tinkercad accounts, logging in via Google sign on. We plan on further integrating Tinkercad Classrooms with Google Classrooms later.

For teachers who sign in with Google, but would like to onboard students using Tinkercad Classrooms, keep in mind that your students will not be logging into Tinkercad via Google sign on. Instead they will use the Class Code and Nickname to join your class.

How do I delete student data?

The teacher may delete Classes, students, or individual designs.

For example, to delete a student, navigate to your Class roster. Check any students you want to delete. Then, click the “Select Action” dropdown and click “Delete Account”.

deleteStudent.png   deleteconfirm.png

Note that deleting a Class will permanently delete all students and students’ data within that Class. Similarly, deleting student(s) will permanently delete all data owned by that student.

What happens if a teacher’s account is deleted?

If a teacher delete’s their account, then all of their associated Classes, and student data within the Classes will be permanently deleted.

Can I add a second teacher to administer my Tinkercad Class with me?

Adding a second teacher role to a Tinkercad Classroom is something we are exploring for a future release! As a workaround, teachers can make their student's designs public if they need to share them with other teachers.

How do we move student data into a proper account?

Working in Tinkercad Classrooms, the student data is owned by the teacher. We will introduce a method for a teacher to help convert their student data into an Autodesk account.

If you requires additional information about Tinkercad Classrooms, please submit a ticket here.

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