How do I copy the blocks for a Codeblocks design?

To Copy single blocks or blocks stacks from one design to another, you must start by opening 2 tabs in your browser with the two designs you want to transfer blocks between.

  1. In the design you want to Copy from Select the block or Block stack that you want to copy. This will show as a green outline on the block.  
    • *Note- Copying any item will also copy the blocks attached below the selected block. This will let you grab a full stack of blocks. If you want to Copy a single block, remove any blocks from below the main block and then reselect the block.
  2. Once the blocks are Selected, use your keyboard to 'Control-C' (or Command-C on a Mac). This will Copy the Selected blocks.2019-09-09_11-23-08.png

  3. Now switch to the Tab with the design your are trying to Copy to and Press 'Control V' (or Command-V on a Mac). You should now see the blocks in your blackboard (blocks editor).2019-09-09_11-25-16.png
  4. Repeat the process until you have copied all the Blocks you want into the new Design. 

*Note- There is currently no way to Copy the entire script of a Design into another design. If you want to Copy most of the script, it is better to go to your 'Properties' panel and Duplicate the entire design.

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