How do I share a link for a Codeblocks design?

To share your Codeblocks design, you must first set your design to Public, so it can be viewed by others.

  1. From the Codeblocks Dashboard page (where your designs are shown as thumbnails), roll-over the image of the Design you want to share and click the Gear icon.
  2. Select 'Properties' from the menu. Fill in the title, description, and tags so that people can find your design in the future.


3. Select 'Public' in the Privacy drop down. Choose a License to decide how people will be able use your design after they copy it and Click 'Save Changes'.

4. Now, click the thumbnail image of the Design. This will take you to the design's Detail Page. Below the main image you will see a field with a link. Copy this link and Paste into an email or other application to share.


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