How do I learn more about using Codeblocks? Are there any lessons?

Currently, we don't have any lessons for Codeblocks (although you can find a lot of user-contributed videos online).

But, we DO have 2 onboard resources to help. When you enter the Codeblocks workspace, you will land in the Dashboard menu where they will be easily visible.



Starters are sample designs that show the basic block structure for some very fun and useful designs. We made these because they demonstrate some of the most important ways of working like Grouping Shapes, working with Objects, and making repeatable patterns.

As you open one, you have the opportunity to play around to see how the different inputs can effect the design. Its a great hands-on way to learn and since they are just copies, you can also throw out a bunch of the blocks and build your own design with it.

Quick Start Guide



Clicking the 'Quick Start Guide' button will open a second browser tab full of step-by-step instructions that introduce you to the Basic function of the Codeblocks workspace. You can start from page one and work-through the entire guide or scroll through to the topics that interest you the most.

Helpful hint: Since the Quick Start Guide opens in a second browser window, it can be difficult to page back-and-forth between browser to follow the instructions. It might work best to drag the Quick Start browser tab out of the tool bar and set it up so that Tinkercad and the Quick Start Guide sit side-by side on your computer screen.



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