How is using the Tinkercad iPad app different from using Tinkercad in the browser?

Tinkercad app on the iPad has some advantages running natively on your iPad as opposed to in the browser at

Here are some benefits for using the TInkercad app over using Tinkercad in the browser:

  • Without the URL address bar and browser shortcuts, the iPad app has more design space to work in and a more optimized experience (without some of the unwanted side effects of browser behaviors).
  • The Tinkercad iPad app is integrated with the iPad's iOS filesystem. So, importing from or saving to your iPad, iCloud drive, or sending to another app is built in.
  • The app works with Apple Classroom, so teacher's have better control of how students are using the app in their class.
  • The Tinkercad iPad app also has an exclusive export for USDZ filetype, which can work will with AR workflows or sending to other Apple iOS apps, such as Notes, Messaging, or Mail.
  • An exclusive Augmented Reality (AR) experience was added to the Tinkercad iPad app. View any of your designs in AR from the 3D editor.
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