When I change the name of a Variable, all the Variable names in other blocks change as well.


Variable blocks are currently designed to be used one-at-a-time. This means that when you drag out more than one block at a time, they will all be named 'item'. When you update one block name, all the other blocks will also update to show that new name.


What we suggest is that you drag and declare (name) each variable on block at a time. So, the way to use them is to-

  • Drag a 'Create variable' block into the block editor.
  • Click the name (item) and select 'Rename variable...'
  • Type in the new name and click enter and now the variable has a new name.
  • To create a new Variable, drag out another Create variable block and repeat the steps


If you drag out several 'Create variable' blocks they will all have the same name and identity (item). So changing one changes them all. Creating and naming one variable at a time will let you define as many different variables that you might need.

One more thing! Copying variable blocks- if you copy and paste a stack of blocks with a Create variable (or Set/Change variable blocks) these will have the same identity as the original. We recommend that you never copy Create variable blocks.

To copy a stack of blocks, select the top block on the stack (but not the variable block) and copy and paste as normal (Command C/V). Then, drag out a new 'Create variable' block and then rename it.

We understand it is a bit confusing and we are working on our end to make it easier.

Hope that helps!

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