Tinkercad Lesson Plans

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about using Tinkercad Lesson Plans.

What are Tinkercad Lesson Plans?

Tinkercad lesson plans enable teachers to select and deliver standards-aligned, project-based learning content directly to their students inside Tinkercad via url or Google Classrooms. With the link, students can access a step-based view of the project including viewable elements like in-screen videos and downloadable assets like worksheets.

The teacher view of lesson plans is publicly viewable and offers everything you need to teach the topic including extended resources, rubriks, and lists of required materials.

Check out the Lesson Plan Gallery to see what is available.

Find out more in the Tinkercad blog.

Do I need to be logged-in to Tinkercad to use them?

Lesson Plans are publicly visible for teachers to view without being logged-in. Log-in is required to view some lesson or 3d design files.

Students can see most of the steps in each lesson, but are required to log-in for creating or viewing designs in the 3d workspace. When opening these assets, they will be asked to log-in.

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