How do I use micro:bit in Circuits?- FAQ

Tinkercad Circuits lets you to design and build your own programmable circuits from a variety of off-the-shelf components. Now Circuits has expanded its options for entry-level creator with micro:bit!

Have a micro:bit question? Here's the first place to look.

Who can use micro:bit?

micro:bit is perfect for anyone taking their first steps in learning electronics or programming. Blocks code is an easy way to learn coding fundamentals and make it easy to add simple components and simulate interactive designs that can also be replicated in the real world.

Can I code in the Python text editor?

Yes, the micro:bit component starts with Blocks programming, and can be converted to Python code that can be edited. When working with the micro:bit in Tinkercad Circuits, you may click "Text" to convert the Blocks to text and edit the Python code.


How do I load my Circuits code to the micro:bit board?

Tinkercad supports the export of the .hex file code format native to the micro:bit board. Users can simply drag and drop their downloaded .hex file to their connected micro:bit board and the code should update automatically.


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