disconnecting issue

had a quick look through the topics but couldnt see the same issue (sorry if I missed the topic somewhere)

Since Beta kicked in Tinkercad for me has became pretty much unusable, its gone from a font of design fun to a hole of utter frustration.

some of the issues Im having:-

pages constantly hang

disconnects constantly

duplicated objects become hollowed out if mirrored

If multiple pages/designs are open and one hangs....ALL HANG

pages crash during saving which results in complete loss of work since last save (that IF you got it to save the last time)

issues remain the same regardless of what network Im using or pc/laptop/tablet or browser so I know its not on my end.

Im feeling pretty dam frustrated here and reckon I cant be the only one having to deal with all this crap thats been hoisted onto me with Beta.


Ive got to wonder, did the developers even bother testing this crap out or simply demonstrate the most unprofessional approach to update releasing Ive seen in a long time.


as much as I dont like too consider it I will be dumping Tinkercad very shortly if these issues aernt resolved 


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