Edit and cut imported Designs

Deleting parts hidden by hole when creating shaes or trying to remove parts from an imported STL with multiple parts needs to be added,


if i want a single part of an imported STL that has 10 other parts i have to hide those parts using hole and combine to hide the parts i dont need, then heaven forbid i need 4 or five of the parts that were not hidden Tinkercad has a heart failure and takes forever to re render any comibines or un combines and a lifetime, sometimes litterally hours to export the bits you do need to a new STL....


I do love Tinkercad it taught me how to work with 3d printer designs but we really need a ability to simply drag a box around certian parts on imported objects and just be able to hit delete with out losing the whole import!


Can you add this ability? any simple paint program has cut out options surely you guys could add it?!


as an example of my problems try exporting or even opening up this design i have been working on on the work plate....



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