I'm trying hard to use the new TC editor, however there are 3 issues which continually cause me rampant peskinisation.

1) If you click on a dimension, the highlight covers the whole field. You can't subselect and replace part of the dimension.

For example, if I had a dimension of 1.23 which I wanted to change to 2.23 I would have to change the whole field and re-enter 2.23. In the old editor you could subselect and replace part of the edit field.

2) The popup box contain[ng details of the selected object (in the top right corner) overlays the dimensions of the selected object, if that object is located in the top right corner. This makes the dimensions uneditable.

3) If you are changing a location or dimension, the editor performs the resize or relocate whilst you are still editing the value. This is a right royal pain in the butt. Can we please change this behaviour so that the redimension or relocate takes place AFTER the changed value has been submitted.


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