Error keeping me from grouping objects

When attempting to group certain objects, I get an error "Node failed to load" and "Failed grouping shapes". The parts will move, rescale, etc, as one, but the colors will not match, or be able to be changed, and there is a red line around the objects. This also makes it impossible to export my design for printing. I'm greeted with an "error exporting file" message. What's odd is that I was able to export this file before...
This is possibly related to community shapes, although I'm getting this error even when grouping a cylinder and a box, or if I delete all community-generated shapes. The URL I'm getting an error from is this: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/cIP0Trdw0H2/editv2
This happens even if I try to recreate this design in a new design, or with this current design if I make a new object and try to group it with any existing object, whether the two objects touch or not.  Any help is greatly appreciated. 


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