Faster Loading Designs

I absolutely love Tinkercad.    As stated in this section, the tools are simple and you can create many different shapes from the ones available.  BUT, I discovered when I tried to create complex models, they take forever to load on my computer (a trusty Walmart laptop).  Through trial & error, I discovered I can speed loading by breaking designs into smaller components (tires for example instead of a complete car) and then save the component file to my hard drive in another program. (I use 3d builder to save STL. files).  Then I can move onto other portions of the design and import the file as one shape when ready.  The method works very well and has helped me build my own library of "parts" that work on many of my designs.  Attached is an example... everything pictured was created (except the logo for my imaginary company) in Tinkercad by making individual components.  Thanks for this great design platform Autodesk!!!!!!


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