Creating Drill Templates

This may be of interest to others.

Something I frequently do with TinkerCAD is create templates for positioning (physically drilled) holes. These templates use cheap radial 3x10x4mm 623ZZ bearings widely available from RC shops, ebay and Amazon.

I design a TinkerCAD plate of 8mm thickness, place a 6mm hole at the position I want to drill a pilot hole, and create a 10.3mm hole raised 2mm above the 6mm hole, into which the bearing is placed in a snug fit. I can then position the template over a worlkpiece and drill a 3mm pilot hole through the bearing. Remove the template and drill the pilot hole to the required size/depth.

The results are accurate and repeatable.

An example set of personnally created templates can be found at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1903391 - I use these to drill holes in each corner of lexan plates I use on my 3D printer.



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