Project Ignite - Gone - How Do We Log In New Students?

I used Project Ignite as a way to get my 5th/6th graders access to Tinkercad.  Now that the two are merged, I'm at a SEVERE handicap.  The site keeps telling me that I can log in my students to tinkercad using some kind of code (specifically because they are under 12 yrs of age), however, NOWHERE in the log-in area for students is a way to use this code.  Can you walk me through this?  How would a student use this class invite code to get access to the page?  If possible, walk me through this step-by-step as if I were a student.  What should I click, what should pop up, and how would I then get access to the "assignments" (the option that we had while it was still project ignite).  Thank you.


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