New Connectors?

Hey all, I have a bit of a question and I wasn't sure where this should actually be posted XD

I've been using TinkerCAD for a while now and kind of in a love/hate relationship with the beta but eh what can you do. Anyway I was working on finding away to make a model I'm slowing working on a jointed model when I remembered about the use of connectors in the work area.. I looked at them before but the only time I've used them was in the app TinkerPlay/ThingMaker so when I looked at the different connector parts I was confused on what parts to use.. And now that I look again I see some newer ones that I need kind of an idea what they are used for..

So if someone can give me a run down on what each works best for I'd appreciate it. I do need an idea for all of them though XD


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