General editing and right shift + click

This is a list of things frustrating about tinker sofar:

Having used the Tinkercad for a little while I am starting to see repetitive issues I am having :

1. Black objects on Linux machine .

See my other entry on this .



Below on microsoft machine

2.Right click shift -

brings up a windows menu which has to be cleared before resuming tinker .

3. customise -

I am used to the sketchup controls so it would be great if the controls could be cutomised to zoom and tilt etc .. or add a key like Z - zoom P pan and left click controls that ..as per SU.


4. IPAD-use

Ipad seems ok but I cannot enter numbers in dimensions so frustrating ..



When I am mating two surfaces it seems I cannot easily couple edges together to know they are exactly attached. I have discoverd I need to use work plane every time and this seems quite slow workflow as opposed to sketchup style .


Thanks and please add to any positive constructive learning on these topics .




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