TinkerCad beta local save

After spending 40+ hours on a design in the lovely TinkerCad I see there is no way to save the fully editable design to my local system.  I understand that I can export .svg .stl. .obj but in the case that something terrible happens with the tinkercad servers and my design is lost I need to be able to store a local backup of the fully editable design.  I need to be able to modify individual elements within the design in the future and an .STL with hundreds of combined objects will not be usable.  I read a few blips about folks saving their chrome cache files for a kind of local save hack.  I browsed through the browser cache but it is certainly not obvious to me which entries are my design or how to save them.  Can someone (TinkerCad?) help provide a basic set of instructions to save off the design locally using the Chrome browser cache?  This is exceptionally important to me.  BTW TinkerCad is awesome !!


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