Node error, 20 hours of work disappears

Is there any way to retrieve my session before it crashed and deleted the most time consuming part of my design?  The little pieces are still there, but the big part (if you can see my change history, you'll know what I mean) is just gone.  I hid it so I wouldn't mess it up, tried to group an object and got a "node error: cannot group objects."  My session kicked me out and when I came back, all of the stuff that was hidden was just gone.  This is my version 6 /prototype of a project I've been working on for almost a week!  I would really appreciate some support.  Thank you. (design is "P22 Laser").  Issue happened using Chrome in Windows 10, on 7/10/2017 around 4:15PM.  Also, I am seeing that every post references filing a ticket, but the link "at the top of the page" is not there.

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