need help about a project ... any good samaritan ?

hi there!

how r u all my friends ?

so...about my problem ... i need a piece of plastic device that i dont know the name even in my own language (portuguese) ...

perhaps someone smart could help me ... (i ve looked for help with some friends from engineering, but even them couldnt tell me a lot about where i could find the device i m looking for)

(about my project ... i ve projected some panels,.. they are 1m x 0,85m .. and 5 cms high ... but i need a piece of plastic where the people will put their hands to lift it ... )

in the picture, i m talking about the blue part! ...

(i m planning to sell hundreds of these panels ..but it has been hard to finish the product... ...)

ps.. i found this piece of plastic that i needed in my fridge ... please, see the picture

thanks in advance!




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