UI improvements for navigating back to your dashboard or between designs


It would be nice to see some improvements in how you navigate between the design currently being worked on in the editor, and either your dashboard, other designs within your gallery, or your projects.

While I am fairly new to Tinkercad, I did not know for the longest time that I could click on the Tinkercad logo to navigate back to my personal dashboard. Clicking the logo on most sites takes the user to the website's homepage, so users will not instinctively know to click on it to jump to their dashboard. Because of that fact, I suspect that must users take the same route as I have been taking, that is namely to click on the My Designs icon, then scroll to the bottom of the overlay window that comes up, and click on the "More designs in Your Gallery".


Navigate to your dashboard from the current design:

It would be nice if the user had either, or both, of the following additional options to navigate back to their dashboard:

1. Clicking on the balloon that says "My Designs", which comes up when you hover over the dashboard icon.

2. Clicking "My Designs" at the top of the overlay window that opens up once you click on the dashboard icon (see Layouts #1 or #2 below). This would act just like the "More designs in Your Gallery" button at the bottom of that overlay window.


Navigate to a recent design or project from the current design:

I believe the UI could have a better, and more consistent, layout of the recent design blocks that are shown in the overlay window after you click on the dashboard navigation icon. Currently these are represented as bars that go the full width of the overlay window, and as a designer, they seem to kill a lot of space to me. You already have an excellent grid layout of the designs on the dashboard page, so why change it? A consistent UI would prevent the user from having to look at, or learn, this different layout. Yes, it only takes a moment, but it's inconsistent. The current only shows three recent designs, but as seen in the Layout #1 image below , the user could be presented with 6 recent designs within that same window space, plus easily navigate to any one of their projects.



Or, if you take a tabbed approach, the user could be looking at 8 designs in the same space, as seen in Layout #2 below, and still have the option (if you so choose) to navigate directly to a given project.


I would also remove the "Current" design option from the overlay window. The user can simple cancel out of the overlay to get back to the current design, and can already change the name directly, by clicking on the name in the normal Tinker editing window. The Visibility and License attributes are already being handled in the main dashboard view, using the gear icon. If you do want multiple paths to these two attributes, consider placing a gear icon, with dropdown menu, in the top bar of the Tinker editor window as seen in the Layout #3 below.

Just some food for thought. Thank you for your consideration of these ideas!



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