Distribute feature and functionality

It would be great to have the ability to evenly distribute a selection of objects based on either their centers, or edges. There are times when I have a selection of objects/shapes in the editor, say 3 cylinders, and I want to align all of their centers along one axis, say the x-axis, but I want to space out, or distribute, their centers evenly. I have not been able to find how that is done in Tinkercad, short of just manually measuring their distances. While this is easy enough to do with just a small collection of shapes, like the 3 in the example, it becomes more and more difficult and time consuming when you are dealing with more items. In addition to the current 3-axis alignment tool, it would be ideal to have a 3-axis Distribute tool that had similar functions, allowing it to distribute items based on their left edges, right edges, top edges, bottom edges, and center points.


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