Irregular behavior/"Schrödinger's Cat" situation

So I've been trying to make my own logic gates since I like to challenge myself and figure out how to do this stuff. I have struggled through and through because making logic gates with electricity is much harder than with Minecraft, since electricity does not share the easy to understand behaviors of redstone. I recently found out there was a comparator that I could use which would make my life so much easier, if it worked. Now, it could be that I don't understand why it happens and this is meant to happen, which is very possible since I only started learning about electricity about 3 days ago, when I found tinkercad circuits and decided to figure out how to use it, but this makes absolutely no sense.


The focus in that picture is the multimeters and the LM393 comparator. In that picture, it seems to work exactly as intended, and it does. But if I change one thing, and unhook the two multimeters that measure the inputs, and only those, it changes, even though it shouldn't.


Even though you can't see it, both the inputs have the same voltages as they did in the previous picture, because if I unhook the remaining multimeter and measure each of them one by one, they measure the same. The only difference is somehow, without it being measures, the comparator has no output, even though its inputs are the same as before. That's what I meant by the "Schrödinger's Cat" in the title of the post. If you aren't observing the inputs, you won't know if the output is working. Is there a logical explanation for this, or is the simulator broke and I need to make a help ticket or something to tinkercad circuits? If you need a full picture of the circuit, here it is.



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