closing toolbar after putting in object

I am just starting tinkercad.  After I drag any object to the workspace, or even select any object in the workspace, then this huge "toolbar" menu opens and covers 60% of my screen, leaving me only 20% of the screen to work with. The toolbar has things like "solid, hole, radius, steps..."  A little different depending on the shape. My laptop is not small, I have about a 21 inch screen, so I don't think it is screen size issue. I can click off the object to a blank part of the workspace, but then I don't have my object selected anymore. 

I tried esc, and enter, but can't find anyway to close the huge toolbar so I can work with the object. I looked at some videos, but the big toolbar isn't there on the videos, just on a new version I guess.

Any help on this issue appreciated. How do I close the huge toolbar so I can work with the object I just selected.



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