sharing circuit with my students


Since I'm a new user of Tinkercad, I will shortly present myself :
I'm teaching engineer's sciences in college (my students are 18 years old). I'm frensh so, sorry for my english. ;-)

I would like to create incomplete circuit models for sharing them with my students. So that, they will only complete the circuit model instead of creating it entirely.

I succeed in creating a code for inviting my students but in this way, I can see their workspace but they can't see mine. So, I didn't manage to share my creations with them.

I succeed also in creating an hyperlink to my model but the students modify the source file in my folder. I would like them to download the circuit models and to work on it in their personal Tinkercad workspace.

Is it possible ?

Thanks for your help.

Regards, M. Monserrat


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