is there any better way??

I am so unhappy with the changes Tinkercad has made.  This is not large classroom/Group friendly.  As at teacher I need to group kids by classroom...I need to manage them via passwords/usernames/ etc in one area.  My email gets flooded with individual accounts for new passwords, resets etc. The 'LEARN' section is not manageable... I want to load lessons...and see that they have done each one....there is too much 'free range' with this new system that my 3-d lessons are filled with screaming questions.... This is so non conductive to group learning that I may abandon Tinkercad as a teaching tool.  The acess to so many designs right away do not allow them to learn how to design...

Can you please set up an area where I can load students, sheltered from thingverse and other uploads...please take a note from Project Ignite....that system was fantastic and a great way to introduce Tinkercad.  I have been using tinkercad for 6,7,8,th grades for three years and I hate to leave it! 


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