Tinkercad VR with Oculus Rift

I have been using Tinkercad for many years now, and I think it is a very useful tool to be able to quickly design prototypes. I can also export the stl and use other tools to convert to STP or STEP. Recently I have been using Google Blocks VR with my Oculus Rift. Wow what a cool 2D and 3D tool for making stuff in Virtual Reality. The google blocks tool is so similar to the way Tinkercad works, but lacking many of the CAD functions that Tinkercad has.

What if Tinkercad had a Tinkercad VR application for the Oculus Rift? I wouldn't be limited by a mouse and flat screen. I could truly use both my hands and model in Virtual Reality. That is the future of CAD design! That is where we are heading, and porting Tinkercad to Virtual Reality would be great evolution of the product.

If you guys haven't tried Google Blocks VR, give it a try to give you a feel for the experience.



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