Chopping Up Print Into 5 Piece

Hello Everyone.  My name is Steve.  Im a newbie to the 3d printing community.  So please don't be harsh.  Im trying to learn.  But we have to start somewhere. =(  I been trying to edit a print and I want to chop it into 5 pieces so i can print it .  Its a Predator Spear.  I been looking on you tube on how to video but i still can't get it.  I suck =(.  Wondering if someone can help me do it or teach me.  I seen like 4 videos and it doesn't work for me.  I get lost on the grouping part.  I can send file to you if you can help.  I would pay if that would help.  I would send specs on the measurements i would like it to be.  So if someone could reach out.  I would appreciate people.  Thanks in advance.  Steve....


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