Teacher Design Distribution - Moderate Kids

Hello there!

It would be absolutely wonderful if a teacher account could distribute designs or projects to their student accounts. Since we are teaching a course on 3D printing, we have to ensure that students create their designs with certain parameters in mind. The easiest way to enforce our initial parameters is by giving the students designs to start from.

Additionally, we find that custom starter designs are helpful for teaching students how to use Tinkercad. For example, we have a custom scavenger hunt scene for students to practice their camera controls.

Currently, when we create student accounts (because having students create the accounts in class would take too much time), we have to "copy and tinker" each one of our starter designs the day before each class.

This moderately time-consuming process would be so much easier if we could simply go to the "moderate kids" page and have an action to distribute a design. The ability to name the design as it is being distributed would be nice as well. Alternatively, this can also be in the Tinkercad Dashboard, where teachers could simply select the gear on a design and choose to distribute it to a group. Another option would be to be able to distribute Projects to groups of students.

I would be highly grateful for this feature, because the manual process of copying designs to each account is very prone to human error, and it takes too long if we have many starter designs. The manual process also requires our designs to be public for them to be enabled for "copy and tinker". It would be great to be able to distribute designs while keeping them private.


Thank you so much! We have been thoroughly enjoying Tinkercad, and have been excited to teach children about 3D printing. Your team has done phenomenal work with this software, and we look forward to what is in store!


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