Selective unhide

Tinkercad is amazing! I am not a 3D person, in fact I always thought I am "3DC" - 3D Challenged until I met tinkercad. As an engineer, the  ability to organize things is paramount. I like the hide features in beta, but it's annoying when everything hidden has to be unhidden at the same time. It clutters the canvas. 

Suggestions and Feature Request:

(1) Allow selective unhide. User can select from a drop down list what they want to show.

(2) To enable above, another great feature would be to allow object naming. Then when hiding the object, save both its thumbprint and name. When unhiding, user can see object image and name to select. To save space, you can restrict this feature to maybe 5-10 objects. the last item on the menu is "Show All"

(3) When exporting objects, the name in (2) above is used rather than the project name. If all object is exported, then project name is used.


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