Moderating high school students: what can I do as a teacher?


I've got 80+ students using Tinkercad across three Maker classes. I had them all enter the invite code and they are being moderated by me.

I am sure I'm missing something obvious, but now what? I grouped them by period into groups, but now what as a teacher can I do? Can I assign them all a new project and then see their progress? Can I see if they have completed the basic intro lessons? At this point I see them in the groups but do not see how I can see what or if they have done anything. To me that would be the whole point of having them answer an invite code.

Or was the invite code only required for kids under 13?

In previous years I used Project Ignite to assign specific projects to students in my classes. That's what I'm looking for.

Thanks for your help.


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