Mass confusion over setting up for class use

 I have classes of kids that are under 13 and we want to use this in class. Our entire school logs into all outside sites with their Google credentials but when I try to have my kids set up accounts in Tinkercad, it forces them to create an account with a password of their own. This is causing problems because students are choosing fun usernames that do not allow me to identify who they are, they are forgetting their passwords, etc. 

Is there some way for students under 13 to use Tinkercad by logging in using their school issued Google name and password? I can log into my account that way but cannot see how the students can. It seems the only way to get kids set up is to have them create an account independent of their school account and this is something we try to avoid so they don't have to deal with having different accounts for sites that we use. 

Thanks for any help. 


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