Outlining a shape

Is there a function to add an outline around inner and outer edges of a complex shape? 

As an example, say I wanted to press-fit a capital letter A printed in one color filament into a slightly larger A-shaped hole on the surface of an object printed in another color.  The outer edges are easy, just make a slightly larger letter A, and place it as a hole in the surface.  But, the difficulty comes in the inner edges.  The triangular and trapezoidal areas inside the A would have to be slightly smaller.  For a single simple letter like this, I could do it by hand.  But, it would get exponentially more tedious for multiple letters, and characters with more complicated shapes such as Q, S, 2, and 5.

So, my workflow would be:

1. Generate the word or other shape

2. Make a copy

3. Tell Tinkercad to add a .1mm outline around all edges (of the copy)

4. Change the modified copy into a hole

5. Emboss it into the surface of the object

6. Push the original word or shape into the hole. 

Any ideas?

Thanks, Mike


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