Panning the view area.

This has been frustrating for me. It's probably something so simple that no one describes how to do it.  I've been trying to use Tinkercad on a laptop with a trackpad. I've been  unable to pan around the screen. I could zoom to the center and back out but not actually move the point of zoom off of the center.  I looked for the keyboard shortcuts but there's nothing there about panning.  There were instructions for how to do it with a mouse but not for a trackpad.

It turns out to pan on the trackpad you have to press and hold the shift key and then click and hold with two fingers and then scroll around. 

The instructions say to do that using the right mouse button.  I've commonly used the two finger to click but never two finger click, hold, scroll. I probably should have figured it out sooner.  If anyone else is having the same problem, maybe this will help.


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