Accessible Website: Alt Text Would Be Cool!

I love TinkerCAD, and I love learning about accessibility, so it is my humble request that you consider adding alt text* to
1. Design previews. It's good for screen readers, but it's also good when a preview doesn't load! Instead of the all-too-common (at least for 3D) blank white field, any user could see what the creator wrote as the design's description for people who can't see it. (a box next to Design Description could simply say "Preview Description for people who can't see it")
2. Gallery images. Simple enough, just like Twitter, the owner of a design could have an option to add alt text to any image in the gallery.
3. Profile images. In comments and on designs, it could simply say "Profile Picture" or "PandACT's Profile Picture," as most other social media sites do automatically... maybe even allow users to manually add an image description for their profile picture! (for when someone clicks on the profile to learn about you) This isn't strictly necessary, because the links already have good title text.

I'm not an expert or blind, but here are some arguments for why alt text is helpful:
1. Blind or visually impaired people who use screen readers for everything will appreciate it! You may not expect a blind person to use the camera app, but anyone can take a picture, and maybe they'll use it in a way you don't expect. I expect some people on TinkerCAD are already blind, because anyone can have friends or write code, and this would show that you support that!
2. TinkerCAD is an introduction to future designers, and this would be a great learning opportunity to get engineers thinking about accessibility online and in physical spaces. It's good practice for web designers because WCAG is almost a legal requirement, but who knows... maybe someone will find disabled people to follow (I did) and learn all about Disability Justice!
3. You'll find it's pretty fun, and I enjoy thinking about how to describe an image. It feels like a form of poetry! I've seen lots of creative uses of images on Tinkercad, and this adds another dimension that happens to be fun even for people who can't see! (I'll enjoy hearing the screen reader narrate it to me, and I'm not even blind)

So if anyone has experience or other ideas to make the website more accessible, shout them out! Thank you for your consideration <3

*What is alt text? I'm glad you asked! It means "alternative text," and it's a description attached to an image for people who can't see it. Sighted people might have seen it when an image didn't load and its description showed up instead! Otherwise, it's seen by blind people using screen readers to access the website; when they select an image, it reads the alt text instead so that they understand what the image was supposed to communicate. There's lots of good resources like this How-To article full of cool examples.

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