existing designs

hi everyone,

Firstly, I must say that Tinkercad is a most excellent piece of software, I use it for creating objects to 3d print and it works very, very well indeed - I use it for practical items such as bespoke attachments to my telescopes, replacement plastic parts for broken garden items etc

I've just started playing with codeblocks and I can see that I will use it all the time; being able to alter a measurement or setting half way through a recipe is important.

My q is this - I notice that when I load a design I've made, it very rapidly re-creates the object from all the raw shapes. Is there any way to migrate a design I have already made, into codeblocks?

I would like to edit some designs I've made already and I can see it is following precisely the instructions that would be given in codeblock to re-create it, this would be most helpful.


many thanks



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