Login issues

I have a ton of kids who can't remember passwords or didn't type them in correctly and we can't reset passwords at all.

The issue is on the Autodesk side of things and how it is handling my management of student passwords.

My students in 3rd and 4th grade signed up for accounts through project ignite.
As they signed up, they signed up under my class code.
Since they created accounts under my class code it puts my email as the default email address for all contact for their account.
Several students have forgotten their passwords and have use the "forgot" button/link on Tinkercad to reset their passwords.
Once they click "forgot" and type in their username, I receive an email with a reset button/link for me to click on since I am currently the contact email for their accounts.
When I click on the button, it has an incomplete url that doesn't exist. 
The link generated by tinkercad/autodesk is not correct and is not working.
I am able to reset my own password and when I click on forgot password I receive an email which shows a correctly generated url that I can see under the reset password button.
I have tried several avenues to obtain an easier way to reset passwords, but have had no luck other than contacting support through twitter and they go in one by one.
Is there a way to reset using my email address for a student account if they forget their password or am I going to have to do a ton of work each time?


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