Custom SVG fonts with Text Shape Generator

The Text Shape Generator provided by TinkerCAD specifies that "They've shared the code, too!" When I view the code, there are instructions for adding extra fonts to the tool.  The instructions are as follows: 

Customize the fonts that are available by following these directions:

1) Find an SVG font to use, http://www.fontsquirrel.com has some for example
2) Click on 'Resources' in Creative Library Editor and upload the font *.svg
3) Modify the 'fontResources' variable below to include the new font.
The object is defined in the format: "Display Name" : "Resource Name"

I've got my SVG font ready to use.  But step 2 befuddles me.  I can't find any Creative Library Editor in TinkerCAD.  And I don't know where I would save the javascript modified in step 3 if I got that far.  Any insights? Thakns.  


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