Why an API?

I'd like to hear from Autodesk about why they've developed an API and made it available for use by outside developers. Mind you, I'm supportive of having a properly architected API. But I'm unclear at this point as to who it's targeted toward and what it's true capabilities will eventually be.

* It seems to contain several features that allow some generated shapes to be viewed though not manipulated outside the Tinkercad environment. What's that about? 

* I see some value in enabling developers to extend Tinkercad with Shape Generators and eventually Modifiers, though some significant reworking of the current technology and process will be necessary to solidify those user experiences.

* Who are the target developers? Are they students, hobbyists, professional developers? What are the identified/envisioned developer use cases?

* Will Autodesk be adding or allow others to add DRM capabilities so that developers can get a return on the investment they make developing extensions?


  • Bob

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